Timeless Newborn Photography


  • When should I book my newborn Portrait session? As early as possible, this ensures there is availability for your due date and allows you some time to pay off your session if you would like. However if you have left it to the last minute I do sometimes have some availability for last minute session.

  • How old should my newborn be for their session? Under 14 days is ideal, however with some simple planning and a little extra patience “sleepy” newborn poses can be achieved right upto 3months. I will not turn away any baby, we will just adapt the session for your baby if needed.

  • What should I bring for my session? I suggest bringing along one extra feed than you think you will need (especially if bottle fed) and a dummy even if baby isnt a real fan. There is quite a bit of moving around your sleeping baby will at times just want to suckle, where as normally you put baby to sleep and they aren’t moved really until they wake. I am trying to maximise the poses we can achieve in the short time we have, and moving baby alot. If there is something you would like included in your session please bring it along and we will try to incorporate it.

  • Do you supply props? I have a variety of props, including digital props. Let me know when booking if you have seen any of my other images you would like to recreate.

  • Can we incorporate something sentimental in the session? Of course! Send me a photo before your session so I can have a bit of a game plan for incorporating it.

  • What colours do you have? There are a variety of colours in varying hues available – if you have a preference, please message and I will let you know if I have it in my stock.

  • I want one particular pose, can you achieve that? Send the image – let’s see what we can do! But be aware that baby is the boss on the day of the session, and if baby isn’t happy to go into a particular pose I will not push it.

  • What are digital Backgrounds?  this is an example of a simple digital background.

    Before and after digital background
  • When should I book my maternity session? Again to ensure availability it’s encouraged that you book in as early as possible. We aim to have the session during the 32nd-36th week of your pregnancy. Sometimes I can squeeze in last minute maternity sessions.

  • How long until my images are ready? Generally I will endeavour to have your viewing gallery ready to make your image choices ready withing 48hrs, these will have only minor editing for colour correction and lighting. Once you have made your image choices generally your images will be completed within 2-3 weeks depending on my current workload.

  • How many images? That depends on your chosen session, as listed on the pricelist. The amount you can choose is clarified in your gallery link email.

  • What if baby will not settle during the session?  I have many tricks to soothe a newborn, but as I tell all of my clients “your newborn runs the show on the day not me” if after an hour of soothing and settling we haven’t made progress with the session I will generally suggest we schedule another session in a few days time. I will do my best to ensure the family portion of your session is completed to cause the least disruption.  Newborns have bad days just like us, and generally trying on another day we get what we need and everyone is happy.

  • Does the session include parents and siblings?  Yes! Most session choices on the pricelist include and encourage family images!

  • Do I have to allow images to be posted on facebook and instagram? Absolutely Not  – That is your decision and although allowing me to share your images assists other parents to find me, I completely agree with your hesitation in sharing images online. 

  • Are weekend photography sessions available? Very limited weekends are available, but generally sessions are held weekdays between 10.30am and 2pm. I will sometimes split sessions to allow for family portions of the newborn session, especially with working parents and siblings in school.

  • Deposits required? Yes deposits are due on booking $50 will lock in your due date – then 50% of remaining on session day then the final payment on image collection. Payment Plans are included on your invoice, but if you wish to pay off in smaller amounts that isn’t an issue. Images will be released once final payment is received.

  • Milestone sessions? 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 12 month sessions are available. Please let me know if you would like to be messaged around the time of each milestone to book in your session.

  • How to choose images in gallery for my package?  Within 48 hours you will be sent a link to view your images and make your choices.  If you can go through and make your selections by marking off your favourites (heart in the corner) and let me know once your finished making your choices, I can grab the image numbers and get your images edited for you asap.

  • Foster Parents: I offer a discounted quick milestone session, or wrapped mini session for newborns, your images are not shown online at all. I have my WWCC and am happy to supply the number for you on request.

  • How long is the session? Each session varies, but we aim to be 2-3 hours for full newborn sessions. This time includes time to settle the baby and siblings and posing adjustments. It can be quite time consuming and a little boring for Dad’s and siblings. So we aim to complete parent/siblings first, then they can head over to the park across the road or even head home if local.

  • Can you edit out baby acne and flakey skin? Yes absolutely. I will add in example images soon, but you can view a couple here

  • My baby/family member is unwell, what should I do? Please call as soon as you realise (even 5 mins before your session!), I work with many fragile newborns cannot afford to become ill myself and whilst your session is important we can quite easily reschedule for a few days away to allow you all to get well. You will get better images out of it that way too!

  • What to wear?  I suggest keeping it as comfortable as possible whilst looking good. Try to limit logo’s and busy patterns. And if possible avoid too matchy matchy 🙂 I generally shoot family images from the waist up, so shoes aren’t required.

  • Maternity clothing?  A lot of the gowns we use during the sessions are actually “created” on the spot from fabric and clips!  This does two things – means you will not come in and ask for a gown that sadly won’t fit you 🙁 AND it also means we custom create the look for you! )

  • I have some ideas do you mind me showing you? absolutely, send images or a link to a pinterest board if you like.

  • What should we wear for our Family Portraits Session? You can find a few suggestions on my Pinterest board don’t feel like you all need to be too matchy matchy, pick a theme colour even and have a splash on each person.

Have a question that hasn’t been covered here? Send a quick message on the Contact Us page!